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Parks Lonny(940-723-2702)
Bain Edward(903-564-7515)
Herod Renee(903-564-3093)
Criswell Renay(903-564-9614)
Phelps John O(903-564-5142)
Huff Funeral Home(903-564-3521)
Riddle Benny(903-564-3950)
Brirus Builders Inc(903-564-3944)
Renfroe's Construction(903-564-3944)
Hartline Marion S(903-564-5227)
Henry Tami L(903-564-4634)
Stewart E L(903-564-3262)
Cottage Gifts(903-564-1300)
B & J's Antiques(903-564-9145)
Mercer Well Service(903-564-3730)
Hedges Nursery(903-564-7722)
Huff's Texoma Florist(903-564-3081)
Spence Glynda(903-564-5946)
Spence Mack(903-564-5946)
Simmons James(903-564-5712)
Dodson Glenn(903-564-7290)
Silk's To Go(903-564-6514)
Thorell C A(903-564-6625)
Hagar O V(903-564-3485)
McGuire Arthur(903-564-7631)
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