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Aday Virginia M(903-564-7605)
Valley View Elementary(940-726-3647)
Yarbrough Parker(940-665-3646)
Bierschenk Billy(940-726-3577)
Carlton Monty(940-726-3620)
Cole D L(940-726-5707)
Hogan Opal M(940-726-3236)
Roberts Susan(940-726-6083)
Chester Ray(940-726-3433)
Reeves Julie(940-726-3796)
Reeves Kelly(940-726-3796)
Bishop Jessie M(940-637-2980)
Aycox Virgil(940-726-3811)
Shockey Paul(940-726-3540)
Bowling Dawn(940-637-2649)
Bowling Greg(940-637-2649)
Christopher Michelle(940-726-3454)
Bevers Roy(940-637-2669)
Bevers Olen S(940-637-2709)
Miller Lucille(940-637-2732)
Spikes Thomas(940-637-2675)
Viktor Robert J(940-637-2363)
Foster Leighton(940-637-2394)
Moon A R(940-637-2795)
Guest Janitorial & Lawn Maintenance(940-637-2478)
Jaresh David(940-637-2226)
Jaresh Layna(940-637-2226)
Ritchey Bobby(940-637-2035)
Compton Cindy(940-637-1148)
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