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Bauman Dale J(325-247-4219)
Presbyterian Church(325-348-3770)
Taylor Jana E(325-348-9255)
Reece Arletta(325-348-9119)
Bender Gary(325-348-3323)
Bender Sheila(325-348-3323)
Rogers B J(325-348-3506)
Glenn's Car Sales(325-348-3460)
Jones Dan(325-348-9202)
Hays Thomas M(325-348-3603)
O'donnell L J(325-348-9330)
Jones Wesley(325-348-3628)
Eighty Four Auto Sales(325-348-9292)
Holmes Wesley(325-348-9107)
McMillan Sherry(325-348-3559)
McMillan Todd(325-348-3559)
Wylie Nancy(325-348-3255)
Cen-Tex Land Co(325-348-3715)
Treasure Hut The(325-348-3517)
Howze John(325-348-3799)
Ables Kasey(325-948-3361)
Ables Quincy(325-948-3361)
Ables Wayne(325-948-3570)
Alsup James M(325-948-3538)
Bailey Glenda(325-948-3705)
Bailey Thomas(325-948-3705)
Baird Justin(325-948-3575)
Baird Machelle(325-948-3575)
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