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Adams Delwin(806-995-3103)
Rousser Cleve H(806-948-5319)
Lee Terry(806-948-4416)
Young J M(806-948-5581)
Young Nadine(806-948-5581)
Chambless Gene(806-948-5384)
Chambless W E(806-948-1689)
Harbison Bob(806-948-4584)
Hatfield Jeff(806-948-4533)
Hatfield Melinda(806-948-4533)
Barbour Ed(806-948-4407)
Thompson Ollie(806-948-4510)
Blair Carolyn(806-948-4294)
Blair Doug(806-948-4294)
McPherson Amy(806-948-4641)
McPherson Dennis(806-948-4641)
McPherson Hilary(806-948-1176)
McPherson Matthew(806-948-1176)
Cantrell Lisa(806-948-4586)
Wilkerson Ed(806-948-4661)
Wilkerson La Donna(806-948-4661)
Hutchinson Harlan(806-948-4561)
Fitzgerald B K(806-948-5263)
Harris B(806-948-5650)
Harris Robert N(806-948-5650)
Buse Jo(806-948-5203)
Buse John(806-948-5203)
Brewer G D Jr(806-948-5410)
Robles Jose(806-948-1449)
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