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Stengel Charlie(806-357-2540)
Stengel Richard(806-357-2364)
Tejas Industries Hide Plant(806-357-2285)
Texas Sesame Div of Adm(806-357-2260)
Walker Greg(806-357-2331)
Whitaker Greg(806-357-2378)
White Bobby(806-357-2519)
White Jack W(806-357-2340)
White Jack Trailer(806-357-2341)
Wiggains Chester(806-357-2588)
Willier Jeannie(806-357-2512)
Wisdom Jim(806-357-2306)
Wisdom Kathy(806-357-2306)
Zellmer Richard(806-357-2370)
Hair Emporium Beauty Mall(806-357-0555)
Edwards Jaci(806-357-2344)
Domino's Pizza(817-355-8888)
Ag Air Express Sunray Airport(806-948-4280)
Anderson Larry E(806-948-5114)
Andy's Tile & Remodeling(806-922-7823)
Arguello J L(806-948-1426)
Arnett Ashley(806-948-4483)
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