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Moses Steve(832-717-5699)
Dastur Barjor(281-251-0669)
Dastur Khursheed(281-251-0669)
Aqil Mohd J(281-374-0680)
Smith Guy J(281-370-9965)
Pate Roxanna(281-320-1882)
Hargis F(281-374-8828)
Cook Alfred Jr(281-251-0298)
Cook Alice(281-251-0298)
Novak Maurice(281-376-3443)
Wettstein Russell(281-376-9196)
Sreekumaran Shyama(281-379-6111)
Said Redzuan(281-370-6091)
Sessions Donna(281-376-4265)
Sessions Ron(281-376-4265)
Kergosien H A(281-376-7270)
Dixon Chas R(281-370-3628)
Rollwitz John(281-320-9079)
Rollwitz Sian(281-320-9079)
Trum Charles A(281-370-2885)
Bellock Patricia(281-370-6790)
Santucci Anthony(281-370-8979)
Aswad Peter(281-370-8915)
Marcom Margaret(281-251-5415)
Faulkner Julie(281-257-9623)
Bullard Chad(281-430-4320)
Gleason Brian(281-370-7181)
Athearn Frank(281-320-2739)
Athearn Jacquelyn(281-320-2739)
Wetzel Brad(281-655-7104)
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