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Wilson David A(806-546-3010)
Wright Mary(806-253-0586)
Cowley Claudia(806-253-3236)
Rogers Ely(806-253-2026)
First Baptist Church of Ralls(806-253-0092)
Youth Parsonage(806-253-0092)
Salas Olivia(806-253-0532)
First United Methodist Parsonage(806-253-2269)
Gutierrez Maria(806-253-0670)
Ramirez Aurora(806-253-0896)
Brown Lester(806-253-2120)
Sessums Glenda R(806-253-0292)
Harris June(806-253-2651)
St Clair Stacey(806-253-2159)
St Clair Wes(806-253-2159)
Ramirez Gloria(806-253-3233)
Roberts Lon(806-253-2679)
Cargile Joe M(806-253-2846)
Cargile Scarlet(806-253-2497)
Covington Toby(806-253-2497)
Covington Tyson(806-253-2497)
Johnston V A Family Trust(806-253-2654)
Ward Michael(806-253-3053)
Watson Newell(806-253-3097)
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