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Albers Barnell(979-249-5020)
McInvale R L(979-478-7348)
Bone Geo W(979-478-7347)
Laskaskie Lee(979-478-6892)
Liska Lorene(979-478-6599)
Guenther Mike(979-478-7183)
Flores Joe F(979-478-6843)
Reinecker Marcus(979-478-6807)
Simmons G H(979-478-6200)
Hajdik Kenneth(979-478-6897)
Condon Alyson(979-478-2526)
Condon Bruce(979-478-2526)
Pavlock David(979-478-7550)
Kubes Joe E(979-478-6678)
Sliva Florian(979-478-6370)
Williams C S(979-478-6174)
Reuter Delvin L(979-478-6579)
Aguilar Thomas(979-478-7263)
Oakland Church of Christ(979-263-4348)
Dornak Bea(979-263-5772)
Dornak Leila(979-263-5772)
Krenek Sil(979-478-6898)
Dusek James D(979-478-6351)
Reaves Curtis A(979-478-6638)
Koteras Dian(979-478-6653)
Robbins Billy J(979-478-7457)
Abel Claire(979-478-7496)
Demny Eugene(979-478-6270)
Koym R H(979-478-6588)
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