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Shade Terri(830-510-2439)
Metting Lenora C(830-612-2825)
Reavis Coty(830-751-2685)
Spears Byron(830-612-3390)
Salesberry Jas(830-751-2227)
Crandall Nick(830-612-3204)
Beatty Jeff(830-612-3447)
Archer W E(830-751-3091)
Wynn Wayne(830-612-3884)
Timmerman Iva(830-510-2110)
Ripps Leonard J(830-510-4826)
Martin Line(830-510-2027)
Powell L R(830-535-4168)
Fillinger Gary(830-612-3320)
Malone Charles E(830-510-2175)
Malone Rochelle(830-510-2175)
Braun Nancy(830-510-6363)
Frey Matthew(830-535-4534)
Hempstead Mark D(830-510-4961)
Caswell Robert M(830-751-3130)
Lakehills Baptist Church(830-751-2006)
Tucker M M(830-535-4340)
Brighter Days Horse Refuge Inc The(830-510-6607)
E-Z Mart Stores Inc(830-510-4704)
Feed Barn The(830-535-9556)
First Baptist Church of Pipe Creek(830-510-4057)
Frerich D(830-510-9598)
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