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Alexander Jack(972-838-2125)
Whitworth Mary(903-587-3420)
Wood Jana(903-587-2577)
Wood Michael(903-587-2577)
Barr Melvin H(903-587-3492)
Riley Steve(903-587-6301)
Johnson K D Inc(903-587-3373)
Cypress Creek Candle Co(903-587-0175)
West Leonard Water Supply Corp(903-587-2172)
Parker Jack E Dds(903-587-0309)
Summer House(903-587-2212)
Leonard Emergency Aid(903-587-2288)
Tiger Pride(903-587-0733)
Leonard Pharmacy(903-587-2044)
Espy Mance(903-587-0404)
Nolen Dewain(903-587-2405)
Nolen Lou(903-587-2405)
Sikes Richard H(903-587-3313)
Latimer Donna(903-587-2131)
Shulze Cindy(903-587-0035)
Pannkuk Bobby Jr(903-587-3448)
Pannkuk Libby(903-587-3448)
Becknell Carla(903-587-3586)
Becknell Ronny(903-587-3586)
Upholstery Shop The(903-587-3312)
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