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Archer County of Precinct No 3(940-563-3441)
Lewis Mickey(940-592-1912)
Swedberg Cyndy(940-592-1912)
Wheeler Richard(940-592-9089)
Pappas O K(940-592-4871)
Adams Kyle(940-592-9980)
Adams Michelle(940-592-9980)
Gray Keahly(940-592-2987)
Cook Tammy(940-592-4630)
Luera Carrie(940-592-0032)
Luera Kimberly(940-592-9615)
Gilmore Carl(940-592-9952)
Kiser Henry(940-592-9734)
Chapman Brent(940-592-5015)
Chapman Etoy(940-592-4952)
Fisch Steven H(940-592-5885)
Grove Jas W(940-592-5765)
Dormier John(940-592-9035)
Dormier Lou(940-592-9035)
Willingham L(940-592-1723)
Atkins Velma M(940-592-5688)
Miser Crystal(940-592-5084)
Duerson Donald L(940-592-4257)
Salmon Jo(940-592-5133)
Kofoed Richard(940-592-9048)
Richardson Kyle(940-592-2882)
Price Carl(940-592-2001)
Davidson Gerald SR(940-592-5665)
Jensen Roger(940-592-2803)
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