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Abshire Billy(254-789-2559)
Moreno Pradeges(254-883-6490)
Jenkins Richard Jr(254-803-8787)
Reese Willis L(254-883-6361)
That Special Touch(254-803-2498)
Chatmas J C Jr(254-883-2098)
Powell Mary L(254-883-2054)
Williams Della(254-883-2008)
Derrington A G(254-883-6129)
Herrington Jimmy E(254-803-5430)
Mallard Frances(254-804-9920)
Torgeson Marilyn(254-883-3400)
Norris John(254-883-2021)
Smith Bettye(254-883-2021)
Benson Gimmy(254-803-3942)
Angelone J(254-883-6180)
Norris Harvey(254-883-5079)
Vincent Chuck(254-803-3522)
Simpson Tom(254-803-2220)
Kotter Fred(254-803-3785)
Bargain Masters(254-803-5751)
Beckendorf Donald(254-803-2987)
Griffin Annie M(254-883-5785)
Kurtz Joe(254-883-2756)
Masters Charles SR(254-883-2686)
McGuire Bill(254-803-6559)
Mullins M E(254-803-6168)
Tyboroski Julian(254-803-6137)
Wilson Rita(254-803-2642)
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