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Cook L G(325-583-2088)
Clark Hazel(940-657-3549)
Posey Luara F(940-658-3496)
Lowry Norma(940-658-3717)
Lowry W V(940-658-3717)
Holcomb Gene A(940-658-5074)
Manning Orval(940-657-3689)
Johnson Garry(940-658-3881)
Larned Brenda(940-657-1170)
Larned James(940-657-1170)
Tucker Mark(940-658-3181)
Elmore Vonnia(940-657-8906)
Tankersley Rena(940-658-3470)
Wilson Florence A(940-658-3695)
Espinosa Juan Q(940-657-4126)
Rocha Kristi(940-657-4017)
Bernal Sandra(940-657-4057)
Williams Russell Jr(940-657-4165)
Rios Sarah(940-657-4104)
Vincent Lonnie(940-658-1124)
Hudson Glenna(940-658-3326)
Day Bobby(940-657-4152)
Day Patsy(940-657-4152)
Reeves L J(940-658-3382)
Howeth Christie(940-657-1059)
Howeth Colin(940-657-1059)
Pharr Ed(940-658-3129)
Pharr Melba(940-658-3129)
Espinal Alfredo(940-658-3959)
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