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Adkins-Noble Linda(806-867-3202)
Deleon Maria(806-983-3328)
Oakes Marty(806-983-2214)
Poteet Curtis O(806-983-5028)
White Funeral Home(806-983-2525)
Santana Alicia(806-983-5331)
Velez Cynthia(806-983-6116)
Velez Raul(806-983-6116)
Segura Jennifer(806-983-2811)
Garza Nora(806-983-2541)
Cervera Jessie H(806-983-3799)
Mallett James(806-983-5319)
Mendez Sandra(806-983-5053)
Chavarria Joann(806-983-6531)
Goen Greg(806-983-2627)
Moore Reba L(806-983-6056)
Reeves Mike S(806-983-5436)
Griffin Stephen(806-983-2053)
Griffin Dale(806-983-3915)
Carthel Gary(806-983-5186)
Hendrix Bill F(806-983-5064)
Watson Angie(806-983-8117)
Watson Kent(806-983-8117)
Cervantes Jimmy(806-983-2657)
Long Nick(806-983-3161)
Nick Long Agent(806-983-8154)
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