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Allen Dennis(254-375-2453)
Italy Convalescent Center(972-483-6294)
Italy Health & Rehabilitation(972-483-6688)
Jenkins Evelyn(972-483-3112)
Kuykendall Martin(972-483-7314)
Poe O T(972-483-6050)
Rogers Herbert(972-483-7325)
Trinity Mission Health & Rehab of Ital(972-483-6369)
Van Wart M G(972-483-7237)
White Ethel(972-483-7465)
Wimbish Bessie(972-483-3121)
Valdez Rey(972-483-7905)
Arriaga Lillie(972-483-0404)
U-Haul Co(972-483-7174)
Moreno Maria(972-483-6001)
Bozorics Frank(972-483-0735)
Pickard Robt J(972-483-6973)
Barajas Gilbert(972-483-7272)
Steele James(972-483-6631)
Raines Richard(972-483-7032)
Coming of Christ Full Gospel Church(972-483-6544)
Stevenson V(972-483-6781)
Andreotta M A(972-483-6033)
Portwood John(972-483-6074)
Reed Brendetta(972-483-7520)
Smallwood Martha(972-483-1233)
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