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Heart To Heart Connection(432-267-2115)
Smith Daniel(432-586-2705)
Smith Vickie(432-586-2705)
Valenzuela H(432-586-6789)
Graham Harold(432-586-3292)
Forga Dwayne(432-586-2318)
Chapman Gerald L(432-586-2335)
Owen Doug(432-586-3866)
Zion Lutheran Church(432-586-5236)
United Pentecostal Church(432-586-2925)
Kermit Independent School District(432-586-1020)
Sapien Aide(432-586-2119)
Valenzuela Martin(432-586-2348)
Briones Carlos(432-586-5439)
Aguirre W E(432-586-5153)
Briones Paul O(432-586-2541)
Martinez Maria L(432-586-9715)
Gabaldon Joseph(432-586-5746)
Chavez Amparo(432-586-2739)
Hager Lucille(432-586-3836)
Keen Fred(432-586-9910)
Henrich Derris(432-586-9280)
Hot Oil Service(432-586-5249)
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