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Allen Wendell(940-438-0394)
B & D Radiator Auto & Glass Service(940-592-4474)
Morrow Amber(940-592-5304)
Ewin Jackie(940-592-5432)
Faith Baptist Church Clothes Closet(940-592-4313)
Faith Baptist Church of Iowa Park(940-592-2716)
Faith Baptist Church of Iowa Park Sbc(940-592-2716)
Kenedy Robt(940-592-4663)
Langhm Ann(940-592-4254)
Wheeler D B(940-592-4673)
Coleman Francis(940-592-2416)
Simmons Sheryll(940-592-9685)
Mobley Calvin(940-592-9735)
Mobley Sherrie(940-592-9735)
Harrell G A(940-592-4248)
McDonald Dylan(940-592-0261)
McGarry David(940-592-2266)
Wilson Harriet(940-592-2071)
Wicks S(940-592-9320)
Davis Leonard F(940-592-4862)
Davis M(940-592-1613)
Fulbright Jake(940-592-5826)
Manry Cory(940-592-9914)
Manry Stephanie(940-592-7082)
McNew Kelly(940-592-1145)
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