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Gafford Randy(830-868-2617)
Watson Irene F(830-868-2216)
Baldwin Franklin W(830-868-4375)
Edwards Kieffer(830-868-7201)
Hudson Dorothy T(830-868-2089)
Dildine Minnie(830-868-7835)
Hudson Barbara A(830-868-4210)
Johnson Juanita(830-868-2093)
Lacy Zoe(830-868-9387)
McLeod Patsy(830-868-5404)
Sedgwick Dortha(830-868-2197)
Smith Irene(830-868-5223)
Thomas Teresa(830-868-0877)
Turnbill Doris(830-868-2229)
Winters Charles(830-868-2184)
Withers Nelson(830-868-2188)
Ramsey Daniel E MD(830-868-4033)
White David A Dds(830-868-7344)
Pedernales Electric Cooperative Inc(830-868-4055)
Albert H(830-868-4245)
Lbj Medical Center(830-868-4093)
McLean Trenching(830-868-2008)
Hall Milton E(830-868-7302)
Bullock David(830-868-7691)
Bullock Wanda W(830-868-7753)
Deike Gary(830-868-2154)
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