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Adair D(903-664-2067)
Allens Point 1st Baptist Church(903-378-7038)
Barnes Philip(903-378-3298)
Caraway Jas W(903-378-2795)
Lane Bobby(903-378-7248)
Lane John(903-378-7248)
Waterman C E(903-378-2465)
Rowton Imogene(903-378-3814)
Noble Eula M(903-378-3578)
Reese Harold(903-378-3803)
Honey Grove Isd(903-378-2263)
Country Clips & Kurls(903-378-7815)
Bateman Pam(903-378-7193)
Glover Michelle(903-378-3396)
Blair Natalee(903-378-2646)
Blair W T(903-378-2646)
Shelton Robert Jr(903-378-2945)
Bridgers Mary(903-378-3687)
Smith Grocery & Market(903-378-2897)
Johnson Patrick(903-378-3713)
Finney Leroy(903-378-2262)
Nelson Bessie M(903-378-2773)
Nelson Mack(903-378-2773)
Finney Fessie L(903-378-3738)
Dunigan Gary(903-378-3821)
Thompson Ann(903-378-2630)
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