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Caffee C E(903-378-3611)
Deuson Mary(903-768-2265)
Houdek Thomas A(903-768-2446)
Benishek S J(903-768-2316)
McMahen John G(903-768-2890)
Rude Grady(903-768-2164)
Violet Howard E(903-768-2518)
Chaney Bill(903-768-2913)
Harris J R(903-768-2010)
Gallop Jimmy(903-768-3184)
Gallop Terri(903-768-3184)
Louderman Jennifer(903-768-3138)
Louderman Marc(903-768-3138)
Shipp Bill J SR(903-768-2633)
Wood William B(903-768-2965)
Weakley Peggy(903-768-2418)
Withrow Graddie L(903-768-2667)
Dailey Chad(903-768-3095)
Dailey Karla(903-768-3095)
Custis Juddie A(903-768-3003)
Smith Chasity(903-768-3181)
Smith Phillip(903-768-3181)
Owings M E(903-768-2780)
Janes Joe F(903-768-2834)
Bennight Marion(903-768-2131)
Simpson Laurie(903-768-2587)
Russell G A(903-768-2327)
Russell George(903-768-2328)
Thomas Beth(903-768-3299)
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