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A & C Firearms(254-983-4417)
Crouch Mark C(254-386-3585)
Massingill Fred W(254-386-8207)
Spivey Mildred(254-386-8389)
Gilstrap B(254-386-3042)
Christianson Ted(254-386-3066)
Williams Ralph(254-386-5465)
Sohm Butch(254-386-3543)
Sohm Doris(254-386-3543)
Moncrief Jimmy(254-386-3094)
Henkes Melvin F(254-386-5441)
Galindo Frank(254-386-5282)
Circle T Ranch(254-386-9911)
Olsen William C(254-386-3492)
Singletary Marcus(254-386-4344)
Mallow M W(254-386-8643)
Thames Glenn(254-386-8265)
Barker K(254-983-1093)
Bel Hi Grocery #811(254-983-2828)
Bell County Water Control & Impro(254-697-4016)
Billeck Billy(254-983-2821)
Blackland Grain & Storage Inc(254-983-2021)
Buchanan C L(254-983-2278)
Caddel S(254-983-9129)
Coffman Don(254-983-0045)
Coffman Nancy(254-983-0045)
Dubec Rudolph(254-982-4233)
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