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Abel Harvey(254-729-2630)
Crouch Bryan(254-822-1944)
Crouch Elizabeth(254-822-1944)
Hunt Robert(254-822-1963)
Carr Bruce(254-822-1592)
Carr Phillis(254-822-1592)
Wade Billie(254-822-1817)
Wade Tommie(254-822-1817)
Boothe Jayne(254-829-0603)
Duske Wendy(254-829-0873)
Kroll Carla(254-829-2111)
Kroll Jeff(254-829-2111)
Brown T(254-829-3066)
Luedke David(254-829-2665)
Luedke Nina(254-829-2665)
Trim Michael A(254-822-1883)
Goodnight Carolyn(254-822-1975)
Eddie Ray's Smokehouse & Catering(254-829-2930)
First Baptist Church of Elm Mott(254-829-1685)
Heitmiller Family(254-829-2651)
Shilling Pipe & Steel Inc(254-829-2433)
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