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Adcock Helen(940-549-1825)
Mayo Fidencia(254-631-0761)
Swanner Carlos(254-629-1955)
Ward Mae(254-629-3100)
Rubio Tony(254-629-8309)
Underwood Judy(254-629-1524)
Underwood Stanley(254-629-1524)
Jammer John(254-631-0065)
Mannke Electric & Refrigeration(254-629-8284)
Mannke Rick Air Condg(254-629-8284)
Rose Kenneth(254-629-1172)
Suarez Gerardo(254-629-2678)
Murillo Maribel(254-631-0551)
Madera Angelina(254-629-8390)
Dunn Ray(254-629-8324)
Med Care Medical Supply(254-631-0194)
S and L's Answering Service(254-629-2735)
Maynard Rocky(254-629-2274)
Lister Brett(254-631-0665)
Lister Craig(254-631-0665)
Lister Gary(254-629-1880)
Lister Kelly A(254-629-1880)
Harris C B(254-629-2086)
May Chas(254-631-0141)
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