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Ariza Armando(806-262-5674)
Williams George R(806-481-3627)
Hardesty Loy(806-481-3833)
Hardesty Patsy(806-481-3833)
Steyn Lucy(806-481-3833)
Steyn Phillip(806-481-3833)
Adams Jerry(806-481-9394)
Anders Mary B(806-481-9924)
Bridwell Bill(806-481-6772)
Bridwell Loretta(806-481-6772)
Castleberry Ray E(806-481-9384)
Crawford Clarence R(806-481-3634)
Crowley R(806-481-9337)
Elder Annie C(806-481-3607)
Farwell Convalescent Center(806-481-9027)
Geries P(806-481-9091)
Hughes Lillie V(806-481-3618)
Hughes W J(806-481-5561)
Mack Shirley(806-481-3574)
Martin Charles(806-481-9110)
Monk Winford(806-481-9389)
Moseley Hugh(806-481-3439)
Pinnacle Therapy Services(806-481-2273)
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