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Carswell Jeff(254-471-3108)
Lacomb Michael(254-471-5954)
Conner J H Jr(254-471-5852)
Atchley Doug(254-471-5642)
Atchley J D(254-471-5794)
Thompson J B(254-471-5563)
Vernon Leon N(254-471-5955)
Wall Ranch(254-471-5886)
Lee Bobby J(254-471-5902)
Slone James L(254-471-5718)
Wilkinson Mack A(254-471-3126)
Conner Boyce(254-471-5736)
Wall Cindi(254-471-5886)
Wall Jack V(254-471-5886)
Meissner Ray(254-471-5502)
Meissner Yvonne(254-471-5502)
Ness D R(254-471-5631)
Forrest Wm D(254-471-5663)
Parrish Tom(254-471-5715)
Petty Sammy L(254-471-3128)
Smythe C W(254-471-5668)
Stephens M(254-471-5957)
Walser U G(254-471-5630)
Wilson Charles L(254-471-5480)
Pumphrey Bill(254-471-5804)
Pumphrey Shari(254-471-5804)
Howe Dog(254-471-5551)
Howe Lisa(254-471-5551)
Lovell Kennith(254-471-5696)
Smith Clynton(254-471-5910)
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