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Campbell P(806-983-5517)
Harris Dewey(940-684-1678)
Barker C V(940-684-1305)
Parkhill Delton(940-684-1566)
Alberts Allen(940-684-1402)
Barberee Angie(940-684-1843)
Barberee Jeff(940-684-1873)
Barberee Wendell(940-684-1843)
Chatfield C N(940-684-1209)
Branch Charles(940-684-1495)
Hudgens Jean(940-684-1668)
Whitley Floyd D(940-684-1668)
Whitley Jean(940-684-1668)
Brown George(940-684-1329)
Brown Peggy(940-684-1329)
McDaniel Charles(940-684-1548)
Baize Donna(940-684-1696)
Houck Jackie R(940-684-1467)
Borchardt Don R(940-684-1219)
Borchardt Jackie(940-684-1219)
Edwards J R(940-655-3344)
Moore Farms Shop(940-655-3351)
Hammonds Billy(940-655-3326)
Hammonds Ricky(940-655-3597)
Hammonds Wil(940-655-3520)
Moore Jim B(940-655-3328)
Campbell Archie(940-655-3397)
Ramsey Walter(940-684-1689)
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