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Chatterbox Communications(830-629-2428)
Goerke's Country Tavern(830-914-2512)
Goerke Berverly(830-914-2886)
Goerke Fred(830-914-2886)
Schultz Matthew(830-914-4301)
Schultz Robyn(830-914-4301)
Archibeque Raymond(830-914-3410)
Walker Robert G(830-914-3314)
Burks A(830-420-3794)
Cline Bobby J(830-914-4452)
Dacy Dale(830-914-3996)
Hubbart Louise(830-914-2850)
Cook Ilene(830-914-4401)
Cook Melissa(830-914-2080)
Thele Bobbi(830-914-4824)
Thele Joe(830-914-4824)
Harborth Kermit(830-914-4255)
Trotter Ronald H(830-914-3554)
Bush Georgette(830-914-3139)
Edwards Robert(830-914-2600)
Kossaeth C(830-914-3282)
Kossaeth Allen(830-420-2741)
Heinrich Robert(830-914-4767)
Eaddy Lloyd O(830-914-2828)
Weston G(830-914-3747)
Rogers Mike(830-914-2475)
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