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A & R Painting(806-655-3950)
Dickens Gib A(806-323-8743)
Canadian Independent School District(806-323-5373)
Schools Includes Listing of Pub(806-323-5373)
Williams Roy L(806-323-6190)
Emerald House(806-323-5827)
Martinez Eliberto(806-323-8838)
Martinez Reyes(806-323-8838)
Hall Les(806-323-6687)
Hall Sue(806-323-6687)
Methodist Parsonage(806-323-6687)
Dorman Gary(806-323-9947)
Pfannenstiel Frank(806-323-6655)
Dosher Darcee(806-323-8396)
Dosher Darrell(806-323-8396)
Isaacs John(806-323-8097)
Harris Julia(806-323-8083)
Carter Megan(806-323-8722)
Carter Todd(806-323-5645)
Behney Shelley(806-323-8449)
Ramp Cindy(806-323-9431)
Ramp Jim(806-323-5193)
Ramp Vicki(806-323-9431)
Culver Bob E Jr(806-323-8783)
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